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There's no need to spend any time programming sequences, let us do that for you! We have an large library of music that is sequenced to all types of lighting effects.

Follow These Steps
  1. Choose the sequence and the type of effects you want in your Lightshowz
    The prices for our shows are as follows: $15 per sequence for our Singing Faces, $25 per sequence for all other Light Effects. You can choose from any of the sequences below. We will be adding more sequences for all our effects soon.
  2. If you want customized shows using DMX lighting channels or Pixel control, you can add them into your show as well at an additional charge.
    We have Leaping Arch Sequences, Mega Tree Sequences and DMX Fixture Sequences. These are all custom sequences that you can add elements such as lighting up your House, Gardens, Bushes, please note that you need additional controller(s) to run these shows.

  3. For more information on purchasing and inquiries Contact us

Christmas Halloween Party

Pre-Programmed Party Sequences

32 Channel 4 x Singing Faces Entrance Arch & Stars 3D RGB Colour Ball RGB Fireworx RGB Meteor Tubes 3D RGB Star Topper Leaping Arches Arch Fans Arch Splashes Spiral Trees Pixel Mini Trees 2D Mega Tree Artist
Can't Stop This Feeling x                       Justin Timberlake
Coming Home X                        Sheppard
Doctor Jones x                        Aqua
Happy x                        Pharrell Williams
Lovshack X                        The B52's
Uptown Funk x                        Mark Ronson
Shake It Off x                       Taylor Swift
The Grease Mega-Mix X                        John Travolta And Olivia Newton John
Thunder x                       Imagine Dragons