50 Colour-Mix PRO Replaceable C6 LED Lights

From: $32.00

  • 31V Low Voltage
  • Connectable End to End
  • 5 Meter String
  • LED Faceted C6 Strawberry Bulbs
  • Green Wire
  • Rating Indoor and Outdoor

Colour-Mix PRO’s are commercial grade LEDs that are used to light Christmas Creations silhouette motifs.

Great for people who put their own lights on wire frame silhouettes or when you need certain colors in specific places.

Colour-Mix PRO LED’s are superior to other LED lights for two reasons:
Their 2-piece construction allows for unmatched durability and LED bulb colour personalization, and they feature vibrant colours and a beautiful glow without being overwhelmingly bright. The 2-piece construction of our Colour-Mix LED lights makes them weather resistant and versatile.
Another great feature of the 2-piece construction is that not only now you can mix and match bulb colours but now with our PRO series you can mix and match your bulbs shapes!
Colour-Mix PRO LED light strings are available in 9 vibrant colours:
Green, Red, Blue, Cool White,Warm White,Yellow,Pink, Purple and Orange.

Replacement Colour-Mix LEDs are available in bags of 12 and can be found HERE!

The Colour-Mix LED light colours are vibrant, but are not overwhelming or too bright. They offer clarity of colour, perfect pigmentation and a beautiful glow all year long!

To remove bulbs unlock tab, you will need a pair of side cutters of a similar tool to pull out bulb.
When inserting new bulb push the bulb in securely and lock with tab.

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm

Blue, Cool White, Green, Multi-Coloured, Red, Yellow


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