Animated Aussie Christmas Train


Christmas Train Aussie(3 Car) – Comes complete with 512 Coloured Replaceable M5 LED lights attached to the frame with clips

– 24v low voltage transformer is included to power the Christmas Train

– 2nd 24v low voltage transformer to power the Christmas Train wheels and smoke

Comes with an 8 Channel multi-function controller for flashing

Product Information:
24v Low Voltage
Dimensions assembled – 2700mm H x 1040mm W.
512 Coloured Replaceable M5 LED lights
Safe for use Indoors or Outdoors
Connectable End to End
Comes with spare LEDs

Availability: 3 in stock

Made from aluminium, our lightweight 3 Car Aussie Christmas Train Silhouette is perfect for business or residential display. Watch as the animated smoke pours out of the engine and the wheels rotate. This is one of our Australiana themed frames and comes complete with a combination of quirky Aussie creatures.

Comes with 2 large 24v transformers, one to power the animated parts and the other to power the static parts.

Using our superior quality Colour-Mix LEDs our pre-lit light frames ensure the ultimate in quality, unlike Ropelight if an LED blows you can simply replace it with one of the spare LEDs that are included.

Pre-Lit Frames can be used with our M5 Accessories:

All our Light frames can also be used with computer controlled software and hardware (such as Light-O-Rama and Lightshow Pro).

Call or email us if need help!
Phone 07 4123 4431 or email

NOTE: When using the M5 Transformer Pack always check how many Colour-Mix strings(64LEDs per string)are on each Wireframe. Do not exceed 8 strings(512 LEDs) per Transformer. The LED amount for each Lightframe are listed in the product information.


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