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RGB Colour Splash Wireframe only
RGB Colour Splash Pre-Lit with Pixels

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Introducing a revolution in pixel display elements!

The RGB Splash- the first of its kind – RGB Pixel display element perfect for any holiday display installation.
Made from aluminium, our lightweight RGB Colour Splash Light frame is a perfect add on to accompany our Leaping Arches. They are perfect for business or residential display. This Silhouette is perfect for business or residential display.  We are happy to be the first and only retailer of these items.
Using RGB Pixels you can transform a bare frame into a multicoloured Arch Splash. With using pixels, now you have complete control over every single pixel or the entire lighting element as is.  Never before has a wireframe been so visually entertaining on the eyes.
Adding in our specially designed Pixl Clips makes mounting any 12mm round pixel or RGB node quick and simple.

The RGB Colour Splash can be easily mounted to the Arch frame.

Depending on your requirements
you may only need the basic Light Frames or you may want to leave the hard work to us and get a
Ready 2 Run LightshowZ-All-In-One package.

If none of our packages suit your needs, we can customize one that will Contact us!

Step back and watch the magic, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 2 × 25 cm
Pre-Lit Or Frame Only



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