Singing Pumpkins

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Ready 2 Run Options:

1. Four Singing Pumpkins (Complete Package)
Includes Lightshowz All-In-One with 32 channels, Singing Pumpkin shows (10 songs), and four Singing Pumkins.

2. One Singing Pumpkin (Complete Package)
Includes Lightshowz All-In-One with 32 channels (8 for the Pumkin and 24 for other part of your display), Singing Pumpkin shows (10 songs), and one Singing Pumpkins. Choose your face A,B,C or D.

3. One Pre-Lit LED Singing Pumpkin (Face Only)
Includes one Pre-Lit LED Singing Pumpkins only. Does NOT include Lightshowz All-In-One controller or the shows/songs. Choose your face A,B,C or D.

4. One Singing Pumpkin (Fame Only)
Includes one Singing Pumpkin, Frame Only.Choose your face A,B,C or D.

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Add exciting new items to your lightshowz-All-In-One controller with our Singing Pumpkins!

Our Singing Pumpkins are lit with our commercial-grade Colour-Mix LED light strings, 8 lighting channels per Tree. The channels work independently to make it look like the Pumpkin’s mouth is singing along with the holiday songs, as the eyes blink and wink at times during the pre-programmed songs.

If you already own a Lightshowz All-In-One package, all you need to do is connect your trees and insert your showcard. If you are starting out you can purchase a complete package (Singing  Tree Faces plus Lightshow-All-In-One) to deliver this unique experience from your display this year. Choose form the drop down box at the top right of this page for your requirements.

The pre-programmed light shows are stored on a show card which is inserted into the R2R Player, this can be updated at the customers request.

We are able to do custom programming for large displays, if you have special requirements. Contact us for more information.


Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 104 × 8 × 78 cm
Singing Pumpkin Options

Singing Pumpkin Package 1, Singing Pumpkin Package 2, Singing Pumpkin Package 3, Singing Pumpkin Package 4

Pumpkin Options

All 4 Faces, Pumpkin Face A, Pumpkin Face B, Pumpkin Face C, Pumpkin Face D


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